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Internet, 2003

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Blessed-Bandwidth.net is a space where the real and virtual world is juxtaposed and understandings about it collapsed into each other. Layered on to top of this is another unseen world, of gods, religion, made real with daily practice and beliefs of millions of people around the world.

A practice heightened now, when post cold war, global politics are being reconfigured along cultural lines resulting in polarization affecting, especially communities (which form more than 2/3rds of the world population) which are wrestling with globalization and sudden onslaught of new cultures via super fast technology. Where at one hand, life of a certain privileged middle/upper class, who have access are enjoying consumption of colorful products, its this same people who as a counter reaction also become deeply dogmatic and abettors to genocides which the country, borders and the world now witness under the veil of religion.

Blessed-Badwidth.net is designed to reach wider audiences besides the net art community. By being on the Tate website, with a cross section of visitors, it will be designed in a language which is familiar and not intimidating to enter in. By doing so it hopes to open up discussions of plurality and democracy in the net art world and also more importantly function as a space for regular people to rethink issues to regarding personal/others religion, beliefs, ethnicity which have throw the world into deep friction and constant conflict.



* The homepage differs in different countries depending on your IP address
so in many places from the USA you will see a Hindu page or in Arab countries see a Christain homepage or in India you will see The Haji Ali page


* From the website in the end you can get a Blessed page.
The user fires a print command.
Out comes the paper.

It looks good, better with the choice of border. But is this paper really blessed? Did the bandwidth travel to the temple? Blessings can travel everywhere … But where is the bandwidth sitting now? Ok the artist asked for the blessing, but was the blessing given? Are artists liars? But in the museum, the artist is the truthful narrator of socio political situation? So will it bring peace and happiness to where it stands? I have it here in my house, will it bless my house? Is it art then? Where to I hang it, in the temple next to my idol which all brings peace or above my sofa? Art used to be in temple and churches once upon a time. Is it an AAuthentic AArt work… but it’s only printed from my ink on my paper and says that “This has been blessed by …so and so.. such that it will bring peace and happiness where its stands” Oh there is a choice, diff religions, diff beliefs.. which one should I take? which will be more effective?


Shilpa Gupta




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