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Tree Drawings

Thread and glue on paper, 2013
21x14 inches | 53.5x35 cm


Mango Tree


Acacia Tree

Olive Tree

Pecan Tree


Every summer, people over dinner tables across India and Pakistan spend hours talking and arguing over the taste of Mango.

Walking not far, towards the East, stand the alluring Mangroves which have captured the imagination and stories of the islands of the Sunderbans swamps, stretching like a band through the two countries of India and Bangladesh, as they dip into the Bay of Bengal.

The Acacias of Western Sahara sprawl across the dry sands of the several lengths of barrier gradually built by Morocco through a land left in flux after those who came and left.

Olive is the national tree of Palestine and Israel.

Pecan is relished in Mexico and the USA.

The length of thread is in ratio to the length of fences constructed on different borders.



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