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I have many dreams
4 photographs, Archival print on canvas with sound, 2007-08
66x54 in | 168x137 cm






/Audio Transcript

SG and Aadhya

SG: Tell me your name and age and what would you like to be when
you grow up?

A: Hi my name is Aadhya, I am going to be 11. I want to grow up and
become an artist because I love drawing and I can spend as many hours
drawing because I get inspired by it and it’s lot of fun and you can
keep doing it everyday but some people don’t like it. I don’t know
why but I like art, you can draw pictures as you want and you don’t
have to copy sceneries. Sometimes you can draw whatever you want, like
M.F. Hussain draws horses. But his thing is to draw horses, but he
doesn’t draw it clearly like it has to be a real horse, he makes front
teeth pop out and all that he does, all funny stuff. So well I want
to become an artist. It’s lots of fun and I just want to become an

SG: If you don’t get to be an artist, what is your second choice?

A: If I don’t get to be an artist then I would like to be a detective
because I just love to read mysteries and have almost finished the
whole Nancy Drew series, and it’s really fun to find clues but
sometimes you might be in danger because people try to harm you to put
you off the case. That’s what I have read, I don’t know if it’s true
and it’s lots of fun, in finding clues and going into places. But I am
a bit scared of going into dark places all alone, so I should have a
companion with me.

SG: 3rd choice?

A: I would like to travel the world and write about it. I’ll go
to different countries and be a journalist may be and get all the
information and check on all cool stuff. I would also like to be a
guitarist and singer because it’s always been a dream to play. I
wanted to learn the guitar and everyone tells me I sing nicely that’s

SG: What’s your favorite song?

A: I like ‘Long long time ago’ by Madonna and I like some songs. I
like ‘Laundry Service’ by Shakira and many other songs.
SG: If you don’t get to be any of these things, what will you want to
become? Say, if you don’t get to be an artist, journalist, singer,

A: Then I would like to promote paintings like my Mom and Dad. They
buy paintings from Osian’s and they help in it. I would like to have a
whole art company and sell paintings to everyone.

SG: If not this, then?

A: Then I don’t know what I am going to become because I have got many
dreams but I have to concentrate on only one dream so I don’t know


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