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Shadow 1
Interactive video projection incorporating the
viewers simulated shadow
, 2006
236.2 in | 600 cm


As the visitors walks in front of the projection, they see their shadow become part of the video projection. Via live video capture, their shadow becomes active content in the video projection, - out of more shadows emerge, feed themselves, walk out of, dive into, crouch and sit on top. The sounds move from those of nature, to religion, chaos and mechanization.













I walk into the space.

Am part of the shadow!
But they didn’t ask my permission, was I born into it? Am born into my country, into my society, into a religion? Am born into a religion but I can step out of my religion, out of my country out of my society. I can step out. What am I doing here into the projection? They did not ask my permission! But it is fun. Maybe this will provide to be a fulfillment, a joy of viewing, a new understanding. Cause this is art and it is supposed to do and give me something. I need to feel full, good, healthy /it may be via the bad, unhealthy, but I need to feel full.

What is that figure in front of me? It is watching me. It cannot ignore me. I am here.

Someone is coming from behind it. It is the same person. Has it just multiplied?

It’s now feeding itself.

Where is it?

It’s jumping. It looks happy – elated. 1 – 2 - 3. It goes up and down, It dives!
Into me?
Where is it? Has it entered me? But I can’t see it.

And it is coming out of me. Did I just digest it?
Many many many more step out of me. I am the reproducer. The parent. Mom or Dad?

So many!


It's an army!

Am I happy or am I sad?


They look so free. I envy them, am small in front of them. They have left me.

And one is flying. It’s flying. It is coming back to me.

It still needs me. It is landing on me
It’s sitting on my head. It is resting.
I can’t think. Has it become my very own head now?

Shilpa Gupta


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