Speaking Wall
Interactive Sensor Based Sound Installation
LCD screen, Bricks, Headphone, 2009-2010
8min interaction loop
118x118x118 in

The viewer climbs onto a row of narrow bricks, walks towards the wall and puts on the head phones. The wall has an embedded distance sensor into it which is able to detect how far or how close the viewer is from the wall.

The LCD panel mounted which displays electronic text as heard via the headphones.

In the 8 minutes conversation/interaction that begins, the wall that tells the viewer to sometimes step forward, a little more, or sometimes back, as it (the wall) is unable to see the border, as it rained last night.

Audio transcript

Step away One step
Go a bit further away
Go back
Step away one step

I am the wall in your house
that you are unable to see

You walk past me
and you may never know
You came
You took
You left
I continue to bleed

Step a bit closer
Step a bit closer
Step a bit closer

But you are still unable to see me
And the distance is convenient

Beyond this screen
You really don’t have to know me

One Step Back steps back

One more
One step back
One more

One Step Forward
Move Forward

Ok fine
Now you no longer stepping on the border
Are you not able to see it?
It is on the ground below you

The wind shifted it by a few cms

One Step Forward
One Step Forward

So its fine

So I no longer need
Your ID
No longer need to know
Your Name
Your Religion
Your Sex
and the Place you come from

Step a bit closer
A bit closer

Is the place you come from
The place you were born
Or the place you grew up
Or the place you inhabit

Step away One Step
March Forward One Step
One Step

Now you are on the line
where I last night made the border
But since it is raining today
It’s a bit difficult to see it

Did grand mom come
from your side onto my side
to visit our mothers grave?

Ah, she must have
Still got the keys to the house

What do I do?
She took the keys
And walked
forward a few cms more
And the rain shifted
the border last night

I am no longer able to enter my house